Content is what's missing

Content is the missing piece of the puzzle for your business.  With top quality copy and proofreading services provided by KeenReader, your organization is headed for online success.

Substance and quality

Nobody wants to know how the sausage is made, but web content is the sausage.  It’s the core of your business, and you shouldn’t leave it to inexperienced providers who don’t utilize reliable copyediting and proofreading practices.

Increase traction

Premium web content increases the horsepower of your existing site by delivering true engagement to your visitors, and making you look crispy from all the facts and good grammar.


Keep your business sharp.  Ensure your professional papers are mistake-free and worthy of public critique!

Copyediting and Proofreading Services

Professional Copyediting

We work with clients to ensure the accuracy and professionalism they need with nearly all types of media. Whether you need help with a short ad or a complete website, we have the specialists on board to handle your work quickly, easily, and most importantly, professionally!

Fact Checking

KeenReader will edit submissions for accuracy and the validity of factual assertions.  In addition we will correct attributions of copyrighted material, and even seek out permissions where necessary.  Our job is to protect our clients from all manner of idiosyncratic errors, copyright oversights, and grammatical problems so that they feel confident when releasing information publicly. 


Content Evaluations

We know that you can use software-based grammar checks on your content, but KeenReader will find the mistakes only humans could.


Dotted ``i's`` and crossed ``t's``

Let us cross your “t’s” and dot your “i’s” so there is never a shred of doubt.  Our clients sleep at night, and more importantly, don’t become the talking points of grammar cops.

Content Revisions

Hire us to professionally review your content campaigns!  We have the expertise and know-how to correct the most proficient and savvy campaigns with copy that will stand up to thorough vetting among news, scholar, and professional organizations.

Typo Correction

When you can't afford a mistake

For presentations, dissertations, and any other scenario that might cause perspirations… KeenReader will evaluate and beta-test your content.  The opportunity to lose face in front of your peers diminishes exponentially using our service!